I got the Yeasu FT-847 working 8-)

The radio has not worked from Field Day 2017 on =(   I checked voltages , fuses, power cables =(   I had LOW VOLTAGE at test points inside the radio … way below the recommended voltages in the service manual =(    So I decided to set the radio back and give it a look at again a few weeks later when the problem would be a FRESH START again =)      Lessons learned in the past with difficult problems of electronic Solid State and CMOS gear ( “STATIC buildup” ) with weird issues that do not make sense /-)

Well the day ( well really the night / early morning 1:00 AM ) I got the radio and set it up and powered the radio up hooked to an antenna =)    IT WORKED ! ! ! ! !      “It IS ALIVE !”; as said in “Young Frankenstein” movie by Gene Wielder =)    So I’m letting the radio burn – in to see if the problem reoccurs =)      I have had other TTY and CMOS gear have issues like that several times over the years ( static charge ) to cause problems ……. so wait and see after it sets in a closet a few weeks =)   IT WORKED THIS TIME 😎   So as of this time of writing it has been ON for 11 hours NON STOP with out issues =)


de N5VMO Pat


2 thoughts on “I got the Yeasu FT-847 working 8-)”

    1. I’m working towards getting everything functional in two months ( I hope ) for mobile and base usage ( two separate stations =) Then working on getting a FT-817ND for Portable station using parts and equipment gathered to trade ( sell ) for purchasing a FT-817ND =) Working on getting a multi-banded antenna ( at HAM Shack ) working at the home station ( was limited to 20, 40 and 80 meters only in the HAM Shack ) so I will have a true ALE ( type ) compatible home / mobile stations ( the truck has a “Sierra Screw -Driver” and “HamSticks” antennas =) The BITX-40 ( 8 / 25 watt SSB Phone / Digital ) is awaiting in the “AMMO CAN” build as everything is there ready to build over the Winter ( inside project =) The R Pi II’s are almost complete in gathering parts and assembly ( actually running the IC-7200 rig control / Fldigi on Raspibian OS Linux =) The R Pi’s are GREAT Fldigi ( I just need to update “Source Code” from the lastest build for the IC-7200 with the “Smarty Pi” case / touch screen setup ……. REALLY NICE setup 😎 …… hmmmm I wrote another blog :-)))


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