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Working on Pictures and projects to post for friends and family =)


A Cheap Indoor Dipole for 80m-15m

Appalachia Now!

Antenna PartsI finally got my hands on an HF transceiver last week.  It’s a gently used IC-735, with CW, SSB, AM, and FM on all bands 160-10 meters with the exception of 60 meters.  It has had the MARS modification done on it, so it will transmit on any frequency between 100 kHz to 30 MHz.  It has a max power output of 100 watts in CW, SSB, and FM modes, and 40 watts in AM.  A handy rig to have for a ham who’s just starting out.  It’s certainly not as spiffy as the brand new DSP rigs with huge LCD displays and power computers under the hood, but there are more than enough features to satisfy the beginning to intermediate operator.  Since I got the rig on the air on March 10th, I’ve had six contacts with my straight key, each in a different state, so I only need…

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Winter Field Day 2018 as N5VMO at the home station EM25TJ31UK Fort Smith, Arkansas

Well as most things done in hast Murphy’s law ruled :-)))   Nothing was hooked up or even ready …… well like a real emergency =)

Winter Field Day runs for 24 hours during the last full weekend in January each year from 1900 UTC (2pm EST) Saturday to 1900 UTC (2pm EST) Sunday. For 2018, the dates are January 27th and 28th. Station set-up may commence no earlier than 1900 UTC (2pm EST) on Friday, January 26th. Station setup may consume no more than 12 hours total. How & when you schedule/spend those 12 hours is up to you.

Bands: All Amateur bands, HF, VHF, & UHF except 12, 17, 30 and 60 meters.
Modes: Any mode… CW, SSB, AM, FM, DStar, C4FM, DMR, Packet, PSK, SSTV, RTTY, Olivia, Satellite, etc…

Suggested Frequencies: (to make it easier for entrants to find each other)

HF CW – 1810-1820, 3.530-3.550, 7.030-7.050, 14.035-14.055, 21.030-21.050, 28.030-28.040

HF SSB – lowest 30 kHz of the US General Class Phone bands (160m- 15m), 28.400-28.425MHz (10m) 6m/VHF/UHF – adjacent to, but not on, nationally recognized simplex calling channels. 

This is the station ( well really an older picture as this one is a lot cleaner operation than reality =)   I used the Yeasu FT-847 for Winter Field Day that had a INRAD vox box interface and MFJ-949E manual tuner =)    The medical cabinet is VERY heavy that the radio is in … but a good fit =)


It was fun after about two hours of hooking things up =)    I decided to work only PSK-31 only this year as a low powered QRP station =)     It was about 2100Z when I started on 20-meter band at 14.070 Mhz =)    Then changing to the 40 meter band later on in the evening when everyone else was moving over =)      Then changing to the 80 meter band very early Sunday morning when the 40 meter band bunch thinned out =)     Then finally back to 40 meter band to end Sunday’s closing time of 1800Z =)     Making 36 total contacts for the WFD 2018 =)    Looking over the logs I noticed some information was missing on a few and some contacts where not there =(     It would be probly two or three at most lost and missed information =)


The WFD 2018 list is below =)     I may get turned in in time :-)))

Created-By:Winter Field Day fldigi 4.0.16 
CATEGORY-BAND: 20,40,80 
NAME: Pat  
ADDRESS-COUNTRY: United States of America
EMAIL: n5vmo00@gmail.com
QSO: 14070 DI 2018-01-17 2244 N5VMO           1H  AR     N5VMO        1H  AR 
QSO:  7040 DI 2018-01-18 0023 N5VMO           1H  AR     N5VMO          1H AR
QSO: 3540 DI 2018-01-18 0515 N5VMO           1H  AR     N5VMO         1H AR 
QSO:  7040 DI 2018-01-18 1503 N5VMO           1H  AR     N5VMO          1H AR
QSO: 14070 DI 2018-01-18 1615 N5VMO           1H  AR     N5VMO          1H AR

—————————– ——–info sent——  —————————info rcvd—
QSO: 14071 DI 2018-01-27 2255 N5VMO 1H AR KB0YD 1H UT
QSO: 14070 DI 2018-01-27 2301 N5VMO 1H AR W6ZE 4O OR
QSO: 14071 DI 2018-01-27 2312 N5VMO 1H AR K7QXG 1H OR
QSO: 14070 DI 2018-01-27 2325 N5VMO 1H AR K7EAR 3O AZ
QSO: 14071 DI 2018-01-27 2334 N5VMO 1H AR AD6ZR 1H UT
QSO: 7071 DI 2018-01-28 0023 N5VMO 1H AR W6HMT 1K CA
QSO: 7071 DI 2018-01-28 0117 N5VMO 1H AR VE3YRA 1I ON
QSO: 7072 DI 2018-01-28 0141 N5VMO 1H AR W7DRW 1H MPA
QSO: 7071 DI 2018-01-28 0336 N5VMO 1H AR K4BOK 1H NFL
QSO: 7072 DI 2018-01-28 0354 N5VMO 1H AR K6CAP 1H MI
QSO: 7071 DI 2018-01-28 0413 N5VMO 1H AR K4GG 2O WCF
QSO: 7071 DI 2018-01-28 0422 N5VMO 1H AR N7FUL 1I AZ
QSO: 3581 DI 2018-01-28 0515 N5VMO 1H AR N0OY 2I KS
QSO: 3581 DI 2018-01-28 0604 N5VMO 1H AR W4CN 1H KY
QSO: 3581 DI 2018-01-28 0622 N5VMO 1H AR W0IN 2I MO
QSO: 3582 DI 2018-01-28 0639 N5VMO 1H AR WA9JG 2H WTX
QSO: 3581 DI 2018-01-28 0712 N5VMO 1H AR W5SH 5O CTX
QSO: 3580 DI 2018-01-28 0719 N5VMO 1H AR W0YR 1H IA
QSO: 3580 DI 2018-01-28 0724 N5VMO 1H AR WD9HSY 1H IL
QSO: 3581 DI 2018-01-28 0748 N5VMO 1H AR N4FR 4O TN
QSO: 7072 DI 2018-01-28 1503 N5VMO 1H AR K5LRW 3I NM
QSO: 7071 DI 2018-01-28 1507 N5VMO 1H AR KK4ECU 1H TN
QSO: 7072 DI 2018-01-28 1510 N5VMO 1H AR W0YR 1I IA
QSO: 7070 DI 2018-01-28 1517 N5VMO 1H AR K9BY 2I WI
QSO: 7070 DI 2018-01-28 1532 N5VMO 1H AR WJ6A 4O AL
QSO: 7070 DI 2018-01-28 1537 N5VMO 1H AR W9UUU 1I IL
QSO: 7071 DI 2018-01-28 1546 N5VMO 1H AR W5RRR 3O STX
QSO: 7071 DI 2018-01-28 1552 N5VMO 1H AR WA4MIT 1H AL
QSO: 14071 DI 2018-01-28 1615 N5VMO 1H AR KA2D 1H NLI
QSO: 14070 DI 2018-01-28 1630 N5VMO 1H AR W7FYV 1H AZ
QSO: 14071 DI 2018-01-28 1641 N5VMO 1H AR N1KT 3I CT
QSO: 14071 DI 2018-01-28 1733 N5VMO 1H AR K2VN 3H NLI
QSO: 14070 DI 2018-01-28 1746 N5VMO 1H AR KK4SHF 1H ECF
QSO: 14071 DI 2018-01-28 1809 N5VMO 1H AR N3IS 2O MPA


I had fun with it all WFD weekend =)   Look forward to 2019 Winter Field Day =)


PS: Additional contact was with W7C Special Event Station =)   I did not have a full exchange as they were busy with the Event to get Section and Designator =(

Serial: 335208500 Log Date: 2018-01-29 20:29:54 UTC
QSO Start: 2018-01-29 20:29:00 UTC Confirmed: no
QSO End: 2018-01-29 20:29:00 UTC Contest: n/a
Exchange: Serial: 0 Winter Field Day January 2017 Serial: 1
Section: 1H Station class: AR (Field Day Use Only)
Station: W7C N5VMO
Op: McCall Winter Carnival Special Event Station PATRICK A HOPKINS
State: ID AR
Country: USA USA
Band: 20m Freq: 14.07 MHz Mode: PSK31 20m Freq: 14.07 MHz Mode: PSK31
Power: 0 W RST Rcvd: 599 10 W RST Sent: 599
Coords: Lat: 44.530000 N   Lon: -116.600000 W Lat: 35.381421 N   Lon: -94.385574 W
Grid: DN14 Dist: 1329 mi, 2140 km Brg-> 125° EM25tj Dist: 1329 mi, 2140 km <-Brg: 305°
County: Valley County, ID Sebastian County, AR
Continent: NA – North America CQ Zone: 3 NA – North America CQ Zone:
ITU Zone: IOTA Designator: IOTA Designator:
QSL Via: QSL by mail only
QSL Card: Rcv Date: 0000-00-00 Sent Date: 0000-00-00
eQSL: Rcv Date: 0000-00-00 Status: No Sent Date: 0000-00-00 Status: No
LoTW: Rcv Date: 0000-00-00 Status: No Sent Date: 0000-00-00 Status: No
Comments: Very nice contact with you on your Special Event station setup =) If it is not too much trouble I need to know your ARRL section to complete my log for the ARRL =)
Log creator: N5VMO Last edited: 2018-01-29 20:29:54 UTC – N5VMO Closed by: open

My own take into Winter Field Day

Great Job and very inventive/adaptive HAM Radio Operator 😎


By the end of each January it is Winter Field Day time. Where HAM operators run their radios under field conditions. Some are as bold as to do this on the wild, in a tent on the snow.

Inspired by the concept, I had my own version of two days ago. No, I do not do HF yet, and it wasn’t actually winter. Over here we have a spell of spring-like sunny days on the last third of January, and that day it was 14 degrees C at 3000ft.

So I took the road to the gazebo I frequent somewhere on our mountain. I had taken most of my VHF equipment with me and a new DIY antenna pole to test. Also scheduled were cutting two new wire dipole antennas, using the RTL-SDR receiver with my phonen and maybe testing my simplex repeater too. And add some bush crafting…

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RaDAR – 160m end fed half wave antenna building instructions

160 meter Long Wire Antenna for the Field Radio =) Thank You, Eddie, for the GREAT antenna for 160 meters =)

ZS6BNE's Blog

Antenna building instructions / article for Radio ZS

This is about the easiest way to build a 160m antenna. It’s up to you to get it as high as possible. An inverted L shape is good, even vertical if you can but if you have no other choice get it off the ground if only a few meters high. You’ll still have some NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) fun with really good signals – after dark!

Firstly, you’ll need a 100 meter length of copper wire that will be strong enough and good enough and the ideal for this is a 100m roll of 1.5mm electrical house wiring wire from your nearest electrical outlet. It will cost around R200.00 If you want everyone to see your wire, choose red or green / yellow but if not, choose black.

Unroll the wire making sure there are no kinks, loops or tangles…

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